About Me

Paul Howard Independent Candidate for Eastbourne
I don’t have any childhood recollections of being labelled ‘a late developer’, but if recent events are anything to go by I probably am. Having started to devote more time to writing fiction in the late noughties, I self-published my first novel, Driven To Murder, in 2013.

Prior to these new writing experiences, throughout my working life I was involved in education in one way or another: as a youth & community worker, a teacher, a lecturer, a headteacher and, from 1999 to 2019, running my own training and consultancy business.

In retirement (of sorts!) I have returned to ‘school’, aka University of Brighton, to take a Masters in Creative Writing, an experience that is fuelling my commitment to authorship as my ‘third age’ career.

Married with five children/step-children and five grandchildren, I am at the stage in life when the epithet ‘God’s Waiting Room’ seems worryingly appropriate for Eastbourne where I currently live.